Mayorstone Consulting

Mayorstone Consulting helps product-oriented companies measure and improve R&D productivity by developing and deploying processes for
  • Data collection of R&D development costs and total R&D costs
  • Estimating the anticipated lifespans of new products and the likely shape of cumulative revenue and cumulative gross profit returns
  • Setting “business model compliant” target return rates for R&D product development projects
  • Measuring and reporting the time-based returns of R&D projects versus “business model compliant” targets
  • Correctly interpreting the measured results
  • Establishing after action analysis of R&D project performance to codify root cause of success and/or failure

Gerry Dundon 

During a 30-year career with Analog Device Inc., Gerry held several senior management positions including Vice president of Supply Chain & Planning, Vice president of Quality, and Vice president of New Product Productivity. He received a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Limerick, Ireland. He is the founder and CEO of Mayorstone Consulting and author of the book “R&D Productivity. How to target it. How to measure it. Why it matters”